Let’s spend half day visiting this masters, it’s great how they are able to do lots of things , nice and irteresting visit!!

Mallorca Tip, Glass Blowing

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Ocimax cienma in Mallorca, tip from mallorca-tipYesterday it was raining, so I decided to go to the Cinema.
I went to the Amusement Centre Ocimax in Palma city - as there I had lots of
different activities to spend the rainy day. I had lunch one of the many tapas
bars there. Afterwards I enjoied a great Haggen Daaz Ice cream before going
to the cinema for a film in original version (in English) and bought a great
bucket of pop corn ( See at the pop corn size they give you in Ocimax!!!).
After the movie I've decided to go bowling for a while and really enjoyed myself.
Ocimax is also a great centre for the children, as for the adults. It has many bars,
restaurants,games room, bowling, etc. The Cinema has 15 screens , bars, as
well as the Vip area where every day there are two of the best movies in a more
comfortable Vip room if you wish, with a little extra cost.
The quality of the picture and sound is just exceptional, as well as the service.
A perfect choice for the rainy weather!!!
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Let's visit the "Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró" in Palma, something above the usual museum
 schema with a cardinal and dynamic reality which explains the aesthetics of
contemporary art in a truly vital way. Web:  http://is.gd/dQpv Map:  http://is.gd/dQpB

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Tip of the day: Let's visit Es Baluard,museum of modern and contemporary art. Half day tip. Map: http://is.gd/aXxO Web: http://is.gd/aXxz

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Lets' Visit the Majorica Pearls, on of the most famous industries over Mallorca, after let's have a look at the traditional market in Manacor too, then we can go to have a look to the Drach's Caves in Porto Cristo, all day Tip.

The Caves show's every hour o'clock.

Map: http://is.gd/9C7U  Web: http://twurl.nl/yl1wni

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